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Cherry ferris working

Cherry Ferris

I just love to learn and create .............

I have always been a creative person and I adore colour, it has the power to make you feel so many different things. If I think back I have always been doing some form of artwork but I have never really taken it seriously. I paint in my spare time and if I don't paint for a number of days I really miss it. I do think painting and creating is as natural as the rain; small ideas and fireflies of inspiration fall all around us and collect into pools of ideas, they swirl, weave and whisper until they become a trickle, an inkling of intention that gathers momentum until it tumbles and spills onto the canvas.

I don't really have an arty background and I'm completely self taught. As a child I always enjoyed drawing and had a secret hanker to go to art college but I was never encouraged at school and instead qualified in the sciences and studied to become a 'Marine Environmental Scientist'. I specialised in micro-biology and throughout my career I was always at my happiest when I was drawing the miraculous life forms that I studied down a microscope in my field book. That silent world of phytoplankton and diatoms ornamented by intricate and striking patterns of silica mesmerised me; My love of detail was born. I am now a carer for my husband and an artist in my spare time. Art definitely gives me a sense of freedom, the colours and textures pull me into that moment, transports me to a different place and allows all my cares to drift away. I think when you begin to see, begin to really see, you notice the connection in things, the little details that really do make a difference, you become aware of the things that only time and patience can buy.... these are the true treasures of our world, the real measure of our personal wealth.

I feel so blessed to have the life I lead. I just love to learn and create. I often find myself playing with materials and pushing boundaries to see how mediums react, splashing colour around and experimenting with techniques, then bringing them all together to create finished pieces of art.  I love that moment when someone see's something that you have created and it touches them ....they 'get it'. Art is magic; it connects people together, whether individual or communal it is a tangible manifestation of ideas that has the power to stir the soul in a single glance ... that's why I love it!

Fereris   keeper of the dawn
Keeper of the Dawn
Ferris   golden goose
Golden Goose
Ferris   hello old friend
Hello old Friend
Ferris   metamorphosis original
Ferris   out of the blue
Out of the Blue
Ferris   tusker
Ferris saa
Cherry Ferris Article - SAA Magazine March 2019