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David lowder

David Lowder

Did I ever have time to work? .........

"I'm retired, and wondering how I had time to work. I love painting in watercolours acrylics and oils. My subjects can be anything from the human figure to the Flying Scotsman, and those in-between. Being in the Art Group really has raised my game, and at present. I'm working on depicting the fantastic service the RNLI do especially the Exmouth crews."

Lowder   exmouth s rnli d class
RNLI D Class Inshore lifeboat Jumping a wave
Lowder   exmouth lifeboat on a trailer
Exmouth Lifeboat on a trailor
Dlowderflying scotsman 60
Flying Scotsman
Lowder   harmony
Lowder   boy on harley davidson
Boy on a Harley Davidson
Lowder   fasnet race
Fastnet Race