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1.exmouth art group digital art

Digital Art

Exhibition Winners

Art is not all about Watercolour, Oils and Acrylics …. we have now moved into the age where computers and tablets have become a major part of our life.

In 2016 The Exmouth Art Group introduced into its annual exhibition the new medium of Digital Art.

All the work is created on the members I-pad or similar with just the use of a stylus. It has proved to be a popular addition to the Annual Exhibition with approximately 50 entries each year.

As a sample we have included the three winning images for 2016, 2017 and 2018.

2016 Winner - Liz Smerdon

2017 Winner - Ernest Ager

2018 Winner - Sheila Minchin 

2016   liz smerdon
2016 - Liz Smerdon
2017   ernest ager
2017 - Ernie Ager
2018   sheila minchin
2018 - Sheila Minchin