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Hilary bird

Hilary Bird

what fun I have .........

I started painting 4 years ago and now couldn’t imagine my life without a canvas on the go. I’m passionate about colour,shape,and texture,and love to play with different mediums to create abstract ideas from my surroundings. I’m fascinated by the way paint can move and change and sometimes feel more like a scientist than an artist when I’m experimenting. Often my best ideas are realised by my mistakes when I’m playing with paint! But hey what fun I have.

I love to encourage my 4 beautiful grandchildren to paint too and we regularly have art days in my garage making a wonderful mess and of course some masterpieces too!

I joined Exmouth art group 3 years ago and have been encouraged and learnt so much from all the new friends I have made there. Art is a wonderful and creative teacher whatever your ability and can bring amazing pleasure to your life. I can’t believe I lived without it for so long and am so happy to have found it now.


Bird   seabed  2
Bird   blue
Bird   flow  2
Bird   underwater  2
Bird   white beaker  2
White Beaker
Bird   wave  2