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Hilary Ferns

......Hooked on Art

"I started painting as a hobby when a friend and I decided to do a beginners' watercolour course... and I got hooked !  I went on to explore other media, and am currently enjoying the diversity offered by watercolour, pastel, and acrylic.  I love the challenge of the effect of light on a subject ... the delicate transparency of flower petals; the texture of juicy fruit good enough to eat; skies, water or woodlands that shine with the season. I am very much a beginner. And my next challenge ? .. I am trying mixed media, texture and collage.  Being in the Art Group keeps me inspired to find time to paint"

Ferns   coast
Coast Painting
Ferns   strawberries
Strawberry Treat
Ferns   flowers
Ferns   magnolia
Ferns   field mouse
Field Mouse
Ferns   meerkat