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Jenny pride

Jenny Pride

Trying new styles ........

 I have always loved art and been occupied with it.  After a BA Hons degree in the History of Art I entered museums and was curator of several. I grew up in Holland and lived in different countries, enjoying the variety.

Recently have taken to acrylics, and also still draw, use pastels, inks and experiment with other media.  Not yet wedded to one style, I like trying out styles and any
subject can be interesting.
Being a member of the Exmouth Art Group is stimulating, both socially and artistically, and I'm looking forward to future events.

Pride   image 1 sri lanka
Sri Lanka
Pride   image 2 band
Pride   image 3 the lost fortress
The Lost Fortress
Pride   image 4 in the garden
In the Garden
Pride   image 5 art teachers husband  2
My Art Teachers Husband
Pride   image 6 misty lake
Misty Lake