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Krisztina Lensces

a passion for wildlife .......

 I am a Hungarian self-taught artist. I have started widening my subject field and I have discovered a passion for painting wildlife. Over the years my style has developed and improved and now I specialize in realistic paintings, working primarily with oil and acrylic. I am striving to create something that inspires others, to appreciate the beauty of the natural world. I am increasing my portfolio of wildlife paintings all the time and I offer not only the original paintings but also Fine Art GiclĂ©e prints

Facebook: Krisztina Lencses Artist

Instagram: @krisztina_lencses_artist

Lencses   akito  the snow leopard
Akito the Snow Leopard. Winner of the Channel View Cup 2018
Lencses   david
Lencses   leona  the african leopard
Leona - The African Leopard
Lencses   vlad  the siberian tiger
Vlad - The Siberian Tiger
Lencses   tiger
Lencses   zina  the lioness
Zina - The Lioness
Channel view cup winner 2018
Kristina receiving the Channel View Cup from President Gillie Newcombe