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Lisa murdoch

Lisa Murdoch

Sharing knowledge and enthusiasm.........

  I thoroughly enjoyed Art at school, but like so many other “artists” I was persuaded to get ‘a proper job’, and not pursue an Art orientated career. When I retired, I jumped at the chance to enrol in a beginners art course.  I’ve never looked back. 

Being part of Exmouth Art Group has been such a wonderful experience.  So much sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm from others around is a great source of inspiration.  I’ve made so many new friends since moving here three years ago, it has become to mean so much more than Art alone.

I enjoy still life painting and started out just wanting to paint in watercolour, preferably anything that didn’t move!  I’ve progressed to other projects and will give any medium a go! At the moment I’m really enjoying mixed media in a variety of subjects particularly landscapes.  I’m also trying to paint in a looser style .  I do however just simply enjoy drawing. For me it’s a process of discovery, I notice so much more detail about the world around me whilst I’m sitting and trying to draw it!

Murdoch   elephants
Murdoch image   pheasant
Murdoch   image 3