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Liz swift  2

Liz Swift

My days are filled with ........

I have been a member of EAG for eight years now since I retired and like many people, what do I fill my days with.  I started gathering many different types of art material and started learning- still am, there’s a long way to go, but I have discovered some preferred mediums so I must be learning something!

EAG has become an extended family, and it’s such a thrill to be part of the exhibitions and occasionally sell a painting.  Thursday morning has become an Art day and although my New Year’s resolution is to do more painting outside, it’s either too hot or too cold, that’s my excuse anyway.

Swift   image 1
Swift   image 2
Swift   image 3
Swift   image 4
Swift   image 6
Swift   pecking order  digital art   2
Pecking Order - Digital Art Created on an iPad