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Margot Cornish

My Background

I am a self taught artist! I retired from the role of a Specialist Nurse Practitioner, which has now given me the opportunity and time to paint.

Living in Exmouth, I am inspired by my local surroundings! I enjoy painting seascapes, boats, pilot Gigs, in fact anything nautical or related to the sea.

I work and experiment with many mediums! I enjoy trying different techniques, different ideas and having the opportunity to experiment.

My favourite medium is watercolour. I enjoy the challenge, freedom and flow of the paint. Vibrant colours play an important part of my paintings.

Organising the Exmouth Art Group Evening Speakers/Demonstrators and Competition evenings is a role I’m passionate about fulfilling well for our members. I try to respond to member’s requests and ideas.

Painting is a joy and a passion!

MSc BSc (Hons)

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